CO-OP URL link shortening service admin dashboard shown on various devices.

CoopURL is a free short link and URL management system exclusively for electric cooperatives. Features include link tracking & reporting, password-protected URLs, custom URL slugs, GEO redirects, browser bookmarklets, QR codes, page overlays, and interstitial splash pages displayed before an expected content page.



View and alter your URLs, update settings, customize pages and links, and much more from one central location.


Using a custom pixel ID along with your shortened URLs, you can see what visitors to your site click on, track traffic to and from social media, direct visitors to specific pages, measure the success of email campaigns, and even pinpoint locations and referrers.


By measuring the data CoopURL provides, you can optimize your audience messaging, evaluate the performance of your email campaigns, and alter what you want your customers to see and read according to those metrics.


If you want links to make available only to certain people or groups, you can protect the content with a unique password and make any information “for your eyes only.”


Need to bunch several URLs together to share with one group of colleagues or a subset of members? You can put them all in a single bundle, then share the folders of bundled URLs with only those specific people.


Landing pages can be utilized in a number of ways, from promoting features and services to spreading important news to inviting visitors to join your email list. With CoopURL, you can generate unlimited splash pages and even create a different one for each of your links.


Our overlay tool is a great way to add notifications to your website. Promote a service or feature, make announcements, or provide up-to-the-minute news – once you create and save a custom overlay, your message appears on your site. Overlays are unlimited, so you can have a different overlay appear on each of your URLs or have a single overlay appear on all your URLs. The possibilities are endless.


Create a Quick Response (QR) code by adding “/qr” at the end of any shortened URL, then resize and alter the QR’s appearance to fit your needs.


Finally, you can use our bookmarklet tool to make your personal, daily web browsing easier: Drag our “Bookmarklet” link below to your browser’s bookmarks or copy the link and add it to your favorites, and you can instantaneously shorten the link to any site you are currently viewing. Remain logged in on our site while you browse, and those shortened URLs will be automatically saved to your account for use at any time.

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